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Tree Removal

In some cases, it becomes very clear that your tree requires dismantling. In other cases, however, a proper inspection is done so it can be determined whether your tree requires to be removed or simply pruned. Whether you’re unsure if your tree should be removed or not, or if you certainly need to have it removed, ​you can count on us.

Here are some of the instances in which removing a tree is required:

  • The tree became a potential hazard
  • It has suffered structural damages
  • The skill required demands professional attention
  • The tree will be replaced

Due to the complexities and risk that comes with it, Tree Removal or Tree Felling must be performed by a certified professional.

Since this task often takes place in tight spots, a proper handling of the equipment is also required. That is why at ​FM Tree Services ​all of our team is licensed and qualified to dismantle your tree in the most efficient and safe way possible.

To provide a better service, we also take advantage of professional equipment such as cranes, bucket trucks, wood chippers and dump trucks. This is to ensure that every process of the tree removal is in complete control of our professionals while maintaining a safe environment.

We focus on a single project at a time, that way we can provide an outstanding service with the highest standards in the state of Maryland. We take pride in our honest and reliable services.

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